Praxis: Raidho [CR14]

Though I didn’t do this for very long, I did plan out several days’ worth of posts regarding some runes that I drew in a series of almost coincidental draws.


As is to be expected, there are runes that I am not extremely familiar with. Some I remember very well from the times I’ve read Diana L. Paxon’s ‘Taking Up the Runes’, for example Uruz I’m fairly familiar with. However every now and then I find that the rune I’ve just drawn from the bag for my meditation is just not one I can focus well on because I really don’t grasp its meanings and subtleties (though the latter of those likely will only come with practice and time). Raidho is one such rune. Physically speaking, this rune is interesting because in the set I was given the Raidho rune’s silver did not take too well to one of the ‘sticks’ in the rune and so in some light it looks like Raidho whereas in other like it looks like the rune Wunjo. An interesting synchronicity given that I tend to find joy in travelling – the meanings of the two runes being Raidho for travel and Wunjo for joy/happiness. Both runes are ones that definitely require much more study and attention from me. Though I grasp their surface meanings fairly well, being uncomplicated concepts or representations, there is much work that I need to do with them. Something of added interest is that I drew this rune, Raidho, blind and after a conversation with Tone in which she and I talked about getting me to Iceland, a nice little bit of coincidence there.


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