Good Vibrations or Positive Vibrations? [CR21]

People often use the term ‘vibration’ or ‘vibrations’ to talk about energy in certain ways. One of the most common ways that I have heard it used is to say that a person or thing has ‘good vibrations’. In truth the day that Joe and Tone departed to return to their different countries both of them described me as having good vibrations. I accepted it for the compliment that it was, because they are both people who are far more attuned to those kinds of things than I am currently. However it wasn’t until some time later that I really considered what their meaning actually was. I eventually decided that they could mean one of two very broad things: that I have good vibrations, by which they meant the vibrations I have or am giving off are strong, healthy or potent vibrations or else that I have good vibrations, by which they meant the vibrations I have or am giving off are positive vibrations.


The idea of things and people and actions etc being regarded as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is something that I have discussed a few times in the past. Moralistically it makes a certain amount of sense because your average person really does only see the world in two, sometimes three, shades – good, bad and sometimes neither (though this is uncommon at best). I myself am all too aware that there are times when I casually say something is good or bad and don’t really think about it. I don’t really see any issues with that, nominally; we use the language we have at our command to best voice our thoughts in any particular situation and there are times when good and or bad are the best word for the situation. Where my issue or issues begin is the automatic subjective perceptions of something as either good or bad because whether I or you or we like it or not, those two terms have come to mean not just a subjective opinion but also a moral standpoint.


The difference between ethics and morals is something that has plagued philosophers, theologians and spiritualists for as long as humanity has had concepts of morality and ethics. A very rudimentary way of differentiating between the two is to say that morality is built up from a variety of contextual factors and then perceived or understood subjectively, while ethics are built up from a subjective standpoint and then also perceived or understood subjectively. It is how we end up with two people who are in all other respects of the same moral standpoint but then disagree as to whether it is ethical to have the death penalty (or something). This is to say nothing of how complicated things get when we start to apply these sorts of things to ideas or concepts of energy; does a person inherently have positive or negative energy which is then perceived as good or bad vibrations or does a person inherently have a natural output of energetic vibrations which are then altered by the nature of that person into either good or bad vibrations or does a person simply have a natural output of neutral or other vibrations which are then sensed as either strong or weak vibrational outputs? These are just three possibilities that I’ve thought of after breakfast while I write this; just imagine the numbers of possibilities were focused and serious long term thought applied to the subject.


However despite all of what I have said thus far, and in light of my near total lack of understanding of vibrations in the energetic sense, there are certain things that I can consider to help me understand what Joe and Tone meant when they said that I have good vibrations. For instance: I know that both of them considered me to be a good and kind person, I know that because of the friendship that developed between the two of them and me that their moral perceptions are similar to mine, I also know that both of them have strong energetic awareness and senses. From those things I can determine that when Joe and Tone told me that I had good vibrations their intended meaning was not just one thing. Good vibrations to them means that they think I am a good person, morally and or ethically speaking, which affects those vibrations they are aware of. Good vibrations to them also means strong or healthy vibrations, which given the amount of development my praxis has seen here in Costa Rica makes sense. Those two I am confident were part of their intended meaning. These next three are only inferences but also fairly likely: my vibrations are good in that they are not discordant (perhaps representing my psychological state), my vibrations are good in that they reflect my personality and or nature and my vibrations are good in that they are a natural by product of some kind of spiritual and or mystical awareness.


As I opened this with, I certainly accepted their comment as the compliment it was intended to be. However the idea of something being good or bad has come to mean so many thing: positive or negative, strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy and more. My understanding of energy is currently rudimentary at best and vibrations are something I know nothing of, however I do think that given the vast scope of language (all language, not just English), there are better ways to describe something that should be freer of certain subjective bonds than it currently is; Energy, on its own and with no other modifier or adjective or noun, is and always shall be simply Other.


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