Praxis: Extracurricular Activities [CR36]

At the halfway point of the element of praxis, this is where all of those extra skills and talents get lumped together as ‘other’. Whether consciously or not Pagans and Heathens collect unusual skill sets and or hobbies that are sometimes not quite part of their religious, spiritual or magical activities. An excellent and common example is divination. For some people divination is performed as part of their magical practices, which for them fundamentally makes it a religious practice. Others that practice divination practice it with various mediums, some of which have greater spiritual or magical meaning that others. As the name suggests, the best way to gauge what counts and what doesn’t is whether the activity or practice in question is something done as an aside to or in tandem but not directly involved with the rest of your praxis.


The nature of the activities that get placed here are such that this is perhaps the most subjective element of praxis of all, with maybe one exception. To use myself as an example, I find nothing particularly religious or spiritual or even magical about being able to write in Elder Futhark runes, but I certainly consider writing a runeward to be a magical practice. There is perhaps one exception to the subjective rule and that would be things that a person has incorporated into their praxis, for example runes, for a particular purpose, such as divination, with little or no intention/need/desire/interest in incorporating all of that thing into their praxis, such as studying the runes as a whole and all the other skills that come with that study. Those very specific additions to a person’s praxis that have really only been incorporated for a particular reason would also be extracurricular, so to speak.


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