Praxis: Godhead and Divinity [CR32]

When it comes to the gods in the Pagan and Heathen community, even the Atheists work with representations of divinity or godhead in some form. Every Pagan and Heathen has what I call a theistic stance; are they polytheist, pantheist, ditheist (duo-theist) etc. Some Pagans and Heathens work with multiple gods but see them all as representations of One, others are Atheists and work with deity or deities are representations of archetypes, while still others work with a god or goddess or many as real beings existing in some place. Which is why Divinity and Godhead ended up being one of the elements of Praxis. Apart from this, a theistic stance is necessary in order for Paganism and Heathenry to qualify as religion rather than philosophy (cf. Buddhism). Though there are lots of rules and requirements for what qualifies as a religion it is more accurate to say that Paganism and Heathenry are religions than it is to say they are philosophies.


Gods and Goddesses and variations of divinity are something that has become in the community, even as it exists today, an important aspect of being Pagan or Heathen. Most would agree that part of the idea of Paganism and Heathenry is that there is no one true God or Goddess of any sort. Whether you have a god or goddess or many, see them as real beings that exist or just archetypal representations the very idea of divinity is one that Pagans and Heathens embrace strongly. More than that, however archetypal it might be, the idea of divinity unshackles the universe and the world for Pagans and Heathens which, really, opens the way for many of the other elements of praxis. Without the idea of divinity we, in some ways, become little more than children playing with the proverbial Ouija board. Godhead and Divinity, in whatever form it takes, gives Pagans and Heathens our maturity.


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