Praxis: Magic by Any Other Name [CR34]

I have yet to find a more encompassing term for the incredibly varied ways in which Pagans and Heathens actively use or incorporate their spirituality into their lives than magic. Despite the many synonyms and debates as to whether magic really means this or that, it remains a term that all understand to mean a particular thing. For Pagans and Heathens, that thing is blending religion and spirituality (to greater and lesser extents) and the understanding those two things bring to then affect change in the world or universe around us. At the end of the day there is perhaps no better way to describe this than to call it magic. This element of praxis is one that is perhaps the most pervasive of all the elements of praxis. It is something that practically all Pagans and Heathens do and for some it is that which brings them to Paganism and Heathenry in the first place.


Altering or changing or affecting the world and universe around us is the one thing that, with certain exceptions, all Pagans and Heathens can agree that we do. Like any group or segment of society there are those Pagans and Heathens who would vehemently disagree with the use of the word magic to describe what they do; their terms however are not as far removed from interpretations or meanings of magic as they might otherwise think. As for the rest of us, there is a veritable flood of terms that can be used to describe the form or forms magic can take in a person’s praxis in English – many more await us in the languages of the world. The essential or fundamental premise of those many terms however all return to the idea of affecting the world and universe around us – through one system or another.


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