Praxis: Structure of the Universe [CR38]

Tied into a couple of the earliest elements of praxis, this one is essentially how a Pagan or Heathen understands the universe. In all probability this is where there is the most difference, or at least observable difference, between Pagans and Heathens. Linguistically the words apply to different parts of the world in terms of what is being described and this is reflected most prominently in how the two halves describe the universe. It is easiest to show the difference by saying the Heathens typically understand the universe in a much more shamanic way, a prominent example being Norse Heathens and the World Tree Yggdrasil. Pagans on the other hand have a wider variety of universal structures amidst their praxes. That said, there are still likely plenty from both parts who have their own unique views of the universe. The premise of this element is that all Pagans and Heathens have a way of understanding the universe in order to work with the things within it.


This element of praxis has most in common with the methodology element, though it is perhaps not quite as necessary to be able to voice the way you understand the universe, as it is to be able to voice your praxis’ methodology. This element is also affected, directly or indirectly, but the theistic stance of any particular Pagan or Heathen. This is the reason why Pagans and Heathens tend to have very different ways of understanding the universe; the deities with which Heathens tend to be drawn by or to and the deities that Pagans tend to be drawn by or to are only occasionally the same or similar. This ties back into the reasons why the words Pagan and Heathen are used and where they historically come from etc.


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