Praxis: The Heart: What’s the Method [CR35]

Closely related to the three previous elements of praxis, this element is the system or format in which everything rests and there are as many systems as there are gods and goddesses and words for magic combined. I settled on describing this element as the heart because it is really the vertex into which the previous three elements of praxis funnel. It doesn’t really matter whether a person’s method is a traditional system, for example Gardnerian Wicca, or a system that has come from a population all sharing similar enough elements, such as Ásatru or OBOD, or is the self made method of an Eclectic Pagan Wiccan-Witch. The important thing is that there is a logic or system that makes sense to the person to whom the praxis belongs. More simply put, this element is how everything from the previous three elements of praxis make sense, primarily to the person who praxis it is but also to a certain extent to anyone who is being informed about that praxis.


This is perhaps where a Pagan or Heathen needs to be most self aware in terms of their praxis. It is well and good for a person to have an unspoken methodology about their praxis but with the increasing popularity of services like YouTube allowing Pagans and Heathens with near innumerable praxes all talking about how they do things, it becomes necessary to know how to voice your own methodology and to explain the subtleties or intricacies or other aspects that are not apparent to others. Knowing for yourself how divinity figures into your faith and how that influences your magical activities is just as important as being able to explain it to others, though, and it will almost certainly give you a better idea of how to go about things in a more authentic way.


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