A Place to Praxis [CR46]

The advent of more information being passed on to me, I am much happier of late in the knowledge that I do in fact have a position in the program I applied for in Japan. There are a number of reasons why this puts me in a better place, mentally, among them being that I will have a house and home and income entirely my own to with whatever I wish. There is a personal freedom in this because it really signals the much lauded and fought for ‘moving out my parents house’ moment that has in recent generations been slowly pushed back and back from eighteen or twenty to the mid-twenties. Though this is indeed something that I have tried for a long time to achieve, the biggest thing in my mind is that I will be able to praxis (still not sure on that as a verb) whenever I wish.


More broadly speaking having this knowledge, for anyone, is something that many a younger Pagan and or Heathen finds invaluable to have. Certainly for those who have lived with others either in their house or sharing their bedroom and felt the need to keep the existence of their praxis or the reality of their being Pagan and Heathen secret. Healthy or no, having to do that for any length of time eventually impinges upon your ability to actually practice your praxis. Hence, for any who have ever been in such a situation it is a potent knowledge to know that at some certain point in the future you will be able to practice without observation. In reality being observed or no is not something that actually affects your ability to practice praxis, but having what amounts to a ‘safe place’ to be your Pagan and or Heathen self is a definite necessity.


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