“Not Tonight, I’m Meditating.” [CR42]

In an unexpected twist, this article is based entirely on a video I have recently watched on TheFourQueens, Kelly-Anne Maddox’s YouTube channel. Ordinarily I write these articles based on what comes to my mind when I am doing other things or writing etc. This time however the video itself is so specific and topical to something I’ve been meaning to write about that Kelly-Anne basically gets on going credit in this one. Really though its not too much of a surprise for me that Kelly-Anne has such a spot on video about this idea of putting your practice first purely because of her talent for nailing these topics on the head. Whether its because of her psychological approach to the subject or just an innate talent or some bona fide blessing, Either way, as per usual her video is attached at the end of the post so that you can watch it for yourselves.


Somewhat in relation to my previous article about personal blends of life and praxis, there is an endless struggle in present day Pagans and Heathens between putting their praxis first or putting their everyday life first. I am one such Pagan and Heathen that really struggles to put my praxis first and I would be honest to goodness shocked to the point of my hair falling out if there is a Pagan or Heathen since the beginning of the Modern Era that has not had to deal with finding the right ratio. I avoid using the word balance because I find that most people use the word balance to mean 50:50 and this is decidedly something where the ratios are definitely not that equal. Boiled down to its fundamentals, this problem stems from being unable to reconcile the demands of your spiritual self and the demands of the world around you. In some ways there is a limit as to how far you can take this, pragmatic reasons rooted in common sense, but for the most part self awareness is a core part of finding your ratio.


There are perils, like with many things, of having too much of an inclination to either end of the spectrum. Long done and past are the times when a person’s life could be entirely about their spiritual pursuits and still remain functional with society. Nor is it healthy by any stretch of the imagination to consistently be putting your praxis in last place in the hierarchy of your priorities.


Kelly-Anne Maddox’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgnapKyIpE4


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