Symbols and Symbology [CR50]

Symbols are something that I haven’t really studied academically, though they do have some part in literature studies, but they continue to fascinate me for a great many reasons. My necklace has two ‘things’ on it; one is a Celtic knot that was called Taliesin (though I’ve seen it called other things) and the other is a Norwegian krone. I wear both because they are considered to be amulets or talismans or charms of some description by both the people who gave them to me and me. The only thing that I do with them currently is wear them, so there is no way of my knowing whether they are actually magical or not, but what reinforces my desire to wear them is the way in which their nature as symbols give me these amazing moments of understanding. Mostly this article is in reference to my Taliesin, it is what really gave me the urge to write this article because it was it that gave me a moment which, opened up my concepts of something (that I am not going to share).


To just look at the Taliesin it would appear to just be a Celtic knot. Looking at it closer it’s a bit more obvious that it’s a triangle and a circle and also a three-pronged thing all at once. The longer you look at it, the more details come to the surface. The triangle is made up of the knotted three-prongs but held together by a continuous circle; the whole set has three sides and three points to match. There are also all of the gaps within the metal. Though parts of it are simple geometry, much of what this represents as a symbol was based on those simple geometric facts. However, like all symbols, this one is alive and reveals more and more the longer you observe it.


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