That Personal Blend [CR41]

Every Pagan and or Heathen has their particular blend of how much their praxis becomes incorporated in their life. For some it is a part of everything in their life and for others their praxis is something that, whether out of necessity or choice, their praxis is something that is strictly partitioned from the rest of their life. More than this, praxis is something that comes to touch most parts of who a Pagan or Heathen is as a person. It is why most would agree or say that Paganism and or Heathenry is a lifestyle as much as anything else, because it touches upon virtually every aspect of our lives. Cooking and making a potion or oil are very similar, writing a spell or ritual is similar to writing a piece of prose or poetry. There are lots of things in everyday lives that are similar to many aspects of the various practices that can become part of a person’s praxis. Some things tend to be more obvious than others however, such as sexuality, because of the nature of Paganism and Heathenry.


The personal quality of Paganism and Heathenry means that things like sexuality, both LGBT and not, tend to appear to have a much greater share of attention than other such things in terms of the blend between a persons everyday life and Pagan and or Heathen life. Though sexuality is not the only example of this it is slightly more prevalent and really in a few respects its prevalence within Paganism and Heathenry is at least partially a by product of how sexuality has been received by the rest of the world. Much in the same way, other things that would be the equivalent of sexuality have also become significant factors in various blends between Praxis Life and Everyday Life – Diannic Wicca for example has a great many feminist focuses. This personalised blend of praxis and life is something that really typifies Paganism and Heathenry in a social sense.


In many respects a person’s sense of self or personal identity plays a large part in determining what plays a large part and plays a small part within their blend. Someone for whom being LGBT is a large part of their personal identity will likely also have LGBT things play a large part in their blend. Conversely someone for whom third wave feminism is important will likely have a large feminist focus in his or her blend.


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