The Voice of Authority [CR44]

The voice of authority is something that seems to be only able to come from a book within the Pagan and Heathen community. Certainly, authority has undeniable implications of power, but there are also much more interesting implications of greater wisdom or sagacity. What makes a person authoritative is really nothing more than a large enough acknowledgement. All too often it seems, authority is mixed in with ideas of deciding what is right and wrong, permissible and taboo which may well be true as far as governments are concerned, but even they fall and turn to dust when the acknowledgement that put them there is taken away. To say that someone is an authority on something is to say that they have studied and understood it in a way or to a degree that is rarely achieved and certainly not on a regular basis. In martial arts for example, the voice of authority is the person who is the international head of that martial art. They are acknowledged as being the most knowledgeable or wisest, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the most skilled.


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