The Voice of Expertise [CR45]

The voice of expertise is something that is much more visible within the Pagan and Heathen community than the voice of authority. Perhaps it is because there aren’t the negative implications present in expertise that there are in authority. If being an authority on something is being wisest, most sagacious or knowing something to a far greater degree than others then expertise is the practical application of knowledge. To be an expert means that you are doing that thing you are an expert of at a much higher degree of skill than others who also do it. If a voice of authority is something that you seek out for an answer, then a voice of expertise is something you seek out for advice. An expert will be able to tell you how to change something ever so slightly to get better results or be able to tell you why there are three ways to do something and none of them better than the others – without it being an instruction or carrying any potential implications of correctness. To use martial arts again as an example, an expert martial artist will be the most talented practitioner of that martial art and the one who practices the most – but that doesn’t mean that they know any more than someone who isn’t an expert.


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