Too Much Preoccupation? [CR49]

In some respects I could have entitled this article ‘Thinking Too Much’ because really that is where this subject stems from and the question that came to mind when I decided to do this topic was ‘Is it possible to sabotage yourself in your praxis by thinking too much?’ What caused me to ask this question was a suggestion from the other teacher here. His suggestion was made in response to a conversation we had about the two broad methodologies there are to establishing a relationship with divinity. His suggestion was really do just do ‘something’, whether it be neither of the methodologies or both of them at the same time. I’ve yet to actually get around to doing anything (but Japan does await me). However, can I automatically sabotage myself by being too preoccupied about what it is that I am doing?


The essential premise of Pagan and Heathen practices, whether it be witchcraft or divination etc, is that our thought or soul or personal energies etc are allowing us to do certain things. The continuation of this logic says that in certain situations, such as healing, what you are thinking or feeling can and or does have a powerful affect on your activity. For example if you are healing someone when you are burdened with thoughts of a bad breakup then those thoughts could affect the healing process. Furthermore, this logic doesn’t change with a change in situation. For example if someone is communicating with their god or gods (or goddess or goddesses) that god or goddess, beyond simply because they are a divinity, can see or hear all those things which are ‘on your mind’. Which gives plenty of reason to say that it is possible to sabotage yourself, however directly or indirectly, with too much preoccupation or by ‘thinking too much.


I suppose that the nature of the god or goddess you are trying to communicate with or the nature of the activity you are trying to do would determine whether it or they understand why you are in such a state, or not.


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