Asked a Question [CR51]

It strikes me as ironic that I find it very difficult for me to ask a question to something like PaganPerspective. I can admit that part of that irony stems from really asking difficult quests that are hard to phrase right from their inception. The other part is that there are times when it doesn’t matter how much I want to ask the question, I simply don’t want to know the answer for fear of knowing what that answer is. Nevertheless I managed to hammer out a question that has been lurking over my head like a slightly irritating spectre and submit it to PaganPerspective in the hope that it will eventually be responded to. The difficulty in asking the question I did, this time, came from how faceted or layered the subject is and the implications of what I was asking. In essence the question asked whether it was possible for a person who is Pagan and Heathen to be incapable of the many things that we perceive as being core to being Pagan and Heathen.


The idea behind the question stemmed from a thought I had while reading Mists of Avalon. In Mists of Avalon, and really many other similar books, those people who are servants or companions of divinity and or capable of magic and or have various capacities beyond the standard person (such as divination or being able to see auras etc) are by far and away the minority of the population – even amongst those who worship those same gods or are in the same community. To use a single word, such people are special. They stand out in some particular way and at times are even unique within the context. This idea of people being special is widely acknowledge as a touchy subject in the current world, which is another stream that contributed to the question I asked. Looking at the members of the Pagan and Heathen community it would seem that all are that old kind of special that provides them with magical proficiency, connection to divinity etc.


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