Runic Reaction [CR60]

This is written basically directly after ‘Energy – That Every-Thing [CR19]’ was written, because of the strange way I’m going about trying to get all of my posts caught up.


The synchronicity of this is hard for me to ignore, as it is a synchronicity of the same vein as my four or five posts where I wrote about the rune that I drew for that day’s meditation. This time I drew Kenaz, which is a rune I’ve not drawn before but it is one that I have read in my book Taking Up the Runes (which I know I’ve mentioned several times with its author in the past) and those times I did found it to be easier to understand than others I’ve read and meditated upon and such. The synchronicity of this enters through the attributes or qualities of Kenaz, which is a rune of energy. In much the same way that Thurisaz is the rune that represents the primal energies of the storm and the might of Þor and the Joður, Kenaz is the rune that represents fire; the energy of fire as well as its ability to bring aid or assistance as well as its ability to hinder and harm. One of the many differences between Thurisaz and Kenaz is that if you were to put the two on a scale or incline from candle flame to nuclear reactor, Thurisaz is at nuclear reactor level if not beyond whereas Kenaz is around the middle mark. It’s a bit of a clunky way of saying that Kenaz, while a rune of fire, is not tapping into extremely primordial powers, as is the case with Thurisaz.


What has always caused me no ending number of problems with regards to energy from a pagan and heathen perspective is how to collate the myriad descriptions and experiences of energy and my theistic stance – which is to say, how do I understand energy in a way that is congruent with my belief in deities. Once again I have PaganPerspective and Cara to thank, this time for being able to phrase this next more accurately than I would have been able to without the collaboration and Cara’s efforts. I consider myself to be an intergrated hard polytheist that basically means that I believe every single deity of every single culture all exist as separate, real beings all at the same time. My real point is that I have that particular theistic stance which goes hand in had with my fundamental understanding that the myriad practices of the world are not the same – witchcraft/witchery is not the same as wicca is not the same as shamanic practices and so on and so forth. Yes, it does make for a complicated universe at times. There are more elements to this, but I will discuss those at a later date. These two things, my theistic stance and distinction of practices, have always met with the myriad ways people talk about energy, understand energy, even NAME energy and then turned me and said “Well, that doesn’t make any sense.”

The problem has always been that all the different kinds of energy; for example chi, prana, kundalani and chakra, are often considered to be the same thing seen through different cultural or systemic lenses – which they are, they are all energy. However my universe-view has always been that things are not all the same, the magic of language gives us the ability to distinguish between these things by giving them different names. Now, much like deities and practices these different kinds of energy can be vastly different but they can also be very subtly different. For example, the energy a wiccan or a witch might harness when drawing down the moon is radically different to chi, but chi and chakra are both energies that deal with the flow of life within the body – the subtle differences really only arise when you start to look at the two in comparative detail; as Anni a former host on the PaganPerspective phrased it after doing her own research (I have paraphrased, quite a bit) ‘Chi is a type of energy which can be used in relation to the human body in systems such as Chinese medicine, but it can also be used in relation to other things such as Feng Shui. Chakra on the other hand is solely a human body thing’. I will do as I usually do when I mention a video and link it at the end of the post so you can get her actual words, rather than my capturing the most important part.


Being able to reconcile my pre-existing beliefs regarding deities and my stance towards the spectrum of Pagan and Heathen practices with the concept and reality of energy is, I feel no shame in admitting, a great relief and I have my runes to thank. In a lot of respects the answers to my questions of ‘what is energy? How does this make sense? Why do I keep hitting brick walls?’ were fairly obvious. At least, they should have been. However I am decidedly not disgruntled because I am more certain of my understanding, haven taken so long to arrive at it and having had it come to me as a result of my practicing with my runes. Though I am still in many, many, many ways only just beginning my process of taking up the runes (there is even an internal debate as to whether I have actually stared or not, which I touched upon in Blindly Drawn, Blithely Drawn? [CR18]) These are the times when I am doubly thankful for the events that brought my runes to me.


Cara’s video on ‘Theisms’:


Anni’s video:


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