The Imperfect Fusion or Why I Know I Need to Travel More [CR57]

I have made no secret that I am drawn to Druidic practices. I’ve also made no secret of the fact that I have many, often conflicting or at least at odds, thoughts with regards to how to go about training or becoming a Druid. However something that I cannot deny has always been something I’ve wanted to have and try to encourage within myself is a connection to the land I’m living on. The place I live and the area surrounding it. Knowing what is available in the local area, both naturally and socially, is something that I really value. However there is something that I’ve learned in my time in Costa Rica and that is: I have no connection to this land – at all. Don’t mistake me, I do appreciate the beauty of the local environment and not too long ago I wrote a post about some weather we had here that really gave me a lot of thoughts regarding my Praxis. All of that said, at the end of the day I find myself looking longingly at the rapidly arriving date when I get to fly home.


There have been days where I’ve really enjoyed the weather here, appreciated the local environment and even come to think of some places here with fondness. However I cannot deny that I do not enjoy being here, environmentally speaking. It is always really humid here, ironically so humid that often I don’t notice how hot it actually is which may well be a blessing in disguise (I’m born in winter and have a… tenuous relationship with tropical/sub-tropical summers at best). The manner in which the people here (because lets not forget that people are as much a part of the land we live in/on as trees and beasts) go about their lives and treat their pets is so totally at odds with my own approach that I really have to try quite hard not to lose my grip on my frustration. In some respects it’s almost unhealthy, but I had no way of knowing that before I came here. So I suppose in a round about way I have in fact upheld my own philosophy that I should always try things once, twice if possible (but that’s usually ‘to make sure’, something which I don’t think is necessary in this case), and also held true to that unifying philosophy of pagans and heathens and even ostensibly Druids – to always learn.


I have learned that this place and others like it are places that I cannot connect to. Even with this small piece of knowledge I feel, strangely so, that I have stepped forward.


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