The Rite Words [CR58]

I recently did something that I didn’t think I’d do for a while yet; I held a ritual. It was a ritual on my own and the purpose and details are going to remain with me. The ritual itself was something that I had been planning for several weeks, yet it wasn’t really until recently that I felt ready to get up and go at it. What was holding me up was how to word the, well words to use in the ritual. There was always something that just wasn’t right or the text wasn’t finished. The really interesting thing for me was that I wrote what I eventually used with the intention of simply speaking the words, saying them with my normal syntax and rhythm. When the time came to do the ritual however I found myself automatically slipping into a more lyrical or ballad-like way of speaking. I didn’t even realize it until I was most of the way through the initial stages. The even stranger thing was that after I had finished what I’d written, I kept going. Words just came from my mouth, totally unscripted and similarly without thought. One of the most interesting things was that, in a very rare occurrence for me, I was able to feel the energy in the room and the sensations it created on my skin and in my body.


It is the first time that I’ve ever done anything like this ritual and really with the way things are unfolding it may not be very long till I am able to starting making those kinds of practices more apart of my Praxis. Though I don’t, intellectually speaking, feel that it is totally necessary for me to have certain things in my praxis I also cannot deny that there was something personally encouraging about doing something that provided me with a memory to look back upon.


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