The Staff [CR59]

There is this staff that I was given. It is perhaps one of the more innocuous pieces of wood that I’ve held; yet something about it makes it feel extraordinarily comfortable in my hands. Joe, of the Joe and Tone post, was the one who found it and I still consider it to be his but he gave it to me. This is why I call it The Staff. It belongs to no one and is something in and of itself. I really couldn’t say if there is actually anything special about it beyond it being a very, very good stick. Joe was of the opinion that it was an ideal quarterstaff for his kung fu practice and I was also of that opinion with regards to my karate practice. However when I actually got my hands on The Staff I was more than a little reluctant to actually use The Staff for anything like that. In fact, most of the time I am not actually using The Staff; most of the time The Staff is simply leaning against the wall in my bedroom and when its not there I’m carrying it somewhere (usually to work on the weekend so I can keep it near by; not really sure why because I don’t do that during the week). Recently I left, deliberately, at work and I have to admit that I was very aware that The Staff wasn’t in my room and by my bed. When The Staff was returned I was very much aware of The Staff’s presence in my room. Really that is what The Staff has, a presence, rather than a personality or a spirit or something approximate. The unfortunate fact is that I will have either pass The Staff on, as The Staff was passed to me, or else put The Staff to rest somewhere. The nature of Australian Customs and Immigration is such that there is likely no possible way for me to take The Staff home.


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