Total Abandonment [CR53]

A more refined way of entitling this article would perhaps be Totally Unrestricted because the idea of this article is the lack of restriction Pagans and Heathens express in their approach to religious practices. Not in a debauched manner, which does occasionally have its time and place, but in a ‘we might be afraid of that dark forest, but we’re confident in our ability to look after ourselves’ manner. In some respects this comes from being much freer with the mystical aspects of Pagnism and Heathenry, we don’t shy away from using magic for protection, guidance etc. In other respects this also stems from the way Pagans and Heathens collectively understand the universe; there are things to be wary of and things that are outright dangerous of, but nothing that is a source of abject fear. Abraham’s Big Three are, unfortunately, good examples of understandings of the universe that inherently have components of abject fear, things that are unreservedly to be avoided or otherwise ‘dealt with’.


Another way in which Pagans and Heathens are imbued with a sense or aspect of total abandonment is the way in which we interact with the spiritual and magical and mystical. There are no strict means through which we have to pass our communication or action through, no layers that separate us from divinity or the rest of the universe; this idea contradicts in many respects the fundamental reasons behind the question I asked PaganPerspective, but the probably reason for this is that we are all practitioners rather than just folk who are Pagan or Heathen. We all work towards our own connections to divinity, in one way or another, we all practice things as part of our praxis that in one way or another bring us closer to those places and things we seek to interact with. To return to the original title I chose for this, Pagans and Heathens are totally abandoned in that we have no one other than ourselves but we also exhibit total abandonment in that we suffer from no restrictions or impediments to our religious pursuits.


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