Bindrunes [CR63]

The nature of the runes are such that they are readily adapted, to a certain limit, into praxes that are very well established, praxes that are eclectic or similar, etc. That in itself is a simplified statement which, fits well with the following one. A by-product of this incorporation of the runes is that their full capacities are rarely explored and there becomes a prevailing understanding that runes are a combination of semi-magical alphabet (and though oft merely used as such, decidedly not ‘semi’ magical0, divinatory tool and occasionally a pseudo-sigil magic type. The reality of the runes however, is that there are a great many laters or depths to their study and use that extend well beyond their common appearance as a divinatory tool. One of those additional layers or depths is seen in the runes use in bindrunes. Much like the name suggests, bindrunes are two or more runes (be it the same rune more than once, multiple different runes or a combination) that have been ‘bound’ together. This binding takes the form of writing/inscribing/tracing/crafting etc the multiple runes as a single ‘rune’ – imagine it as though you were stacking one rune on top of another, on top of another etc. The resulting ‘rune’ is called a bindrune.


The essential premise of a bindrune is to bring together the qualities of multiple runes for increasingly specific purposes. Runes can be combined into bindrunes for a variety of purposes – protecting luggage, increasing spiritual awareness, bestowing expediency etc. Much like runespells (which I am not going to touch on), there are more or less innumerable ways to use a bindrune, as well as ways to combine runes to make a bindrune. The most important thing to keep in mind with bindrunes is that your own understanding of the runes does not limit the potential of a bindrune – you can make mistakes with bindrunes, particularly when combining more than three or four different runes and especially when using more potent runes. Your own understanding of the runes at any given moment will determine what combinations a better advised than others, and also which individual runes you are best able to combine. Plainly said, the runes are not limited but you are. If you’re not connecting with a rune on its own, it is extremely ill advised to try and use it in a bindrune. This does, however, gradually become less and less of an issue the longer you take up the runes.


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