Runewards [CR65]

Runewards are the last aspect of studying and using runes for the time being and this particular aspect is most simply expressed as writing using runes. Like and other alphabet, the runes can be used for reading and writing; there are naturally some difficulties in doing this that I have written about in the past and will go into more detail in the future. Unlike other magical alphabets however, merely writing a spell in runes (or something similar to a spell) does not make a runeward. The most apt comparison would be sewing a hem or button onto some clothes and weaving a tapestry. Certainly, you can simply write a spell (or something similar to a spell) in runes but, with a runeward as much care needs to be put into what words you choose, the way you write the components of the runeward etc as there is care put into choosing types of thread and patterns to weave etc when making a tapestry. The reason, part of it at least, is that you a taking two things with extreme multiplicity in use and combining them to create something extremely potent.


In terms of structure, a runeward can be any length from a single short sentence all the way to the limits of your capacity to write. Obviously the larger a runeward is, the more complex it gets and subsequently the more easily something can go wrong; in this aspect bindrunes and runewards share an element of peril. Tunewards are equally versatile in terms of the forms that they can take, to the point where a pen ceases to be the only ‘writing’ implement available. Wood, metal, clay, stone, plastic, even an actually tapestry are all potential runewards – it basically comes down to what you are capable of. To return to comparing to bindrunes, runewards trade the necessity of having individual connections to each rune that you are using in favour of a greater connection to the runes as a whole. This exchange however doesn’t negate the fact that runewards are still runes and are a high-order skill; this is less a case of walking before you can run and more a case of finishing high school and a great many other things before doing a PhD.


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