The Way We Think [CR61]

I’ve been quite fortunate of late in that a lot of the subjects for my posts have come to me well in advance of when I am actually writing them, which makes it surprisingly easier to write them because I’m not trying to think about the subject at the same time as I try and write it. Let me clarify; when I say ‘to think about it’ I don’t mean just coming up with a subject to write about – I mean think about the subject, recall anything I’ve read or hear about it, compare different details, draw comparisons, look at things that might seem insignificant (recall my words from yesterday ‘They are all energy, sometimes vastly different and sometimes subtly different’) just in case those things reveal something new. Then, when all of that is done I then evaluate everything and start writing – which doesn’t, necessarily, mean that I have stopped thinking. It is more than a process for me, in that strange way that people say ‘It’s a process I have’ or ‘It’s my process’, it is the fundamental way in which my mind works. I actually find it frustrating at times because there are times when it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t come up with a topic or subject that is really worth a damn (at the time; I do occasionally return to a previous thought and see it in a different light). It will come as no surprise, I hope, that this is also the way in which I go about my Paganism and Heathenry.


I’ll be genuinely surprised if I am the first person to raise this subject, but it was as I was thinking about what to write for today that I realised that not just I but virtually every person that practices Paganism and or Heathenry has arrived at their particular praxis because of the manner in which they think. It’s a bit of an obvious statement, so I will elaborate. When you consider the Pagan and Heathen Glitterati, what comes to mind? The books they’ve written? The classes they offer? Their shop on Etsy or in a physical location? The career they have pursued hand in hand with their praxis? I use the example of famous pagans and heathens because theirs are the lives in our community that are the most observed, but it is something that extends even to those of YouTube fame. Whether we think it is a good thing or a bad thing you’d be hard pressed to find a Pagan or a Heathen who is not trying, consciously or unconsciously, to blend their praxis with those areas in which they a personally talented; Kelly-Anne of TheFourQueens and her psychological background, Cara of PaganPerspective and CuteWitch772 and her acting are just two examples. I wouldn’t consider myself to be in the ‘Pagan and Heathen Glitterati’ but even I am blending my study of literature, language, history and education into my praxis.


As I said before, I’ll be genuinely surprised if I am the first person to raise this subject, but the way we think and the things that we are good at or are highly interested in are the things that help give birth to our individual praxes. If I had not studied and majored in Literature, but instead in History, would I have begun my praxis on the foundation stone of one of the Reclaiming traditions rather than the Elder Futhark Runes? If I had not gone to University but instead become a qualified massage therapist would I have started my Pagan and Heathen journey with Reiki and more specifically healing oriented practices? Interesting though it is to think about, the reality is that there is no way to know what might have been because the way we think is so intrinsic and irrefutably fundamental to who we are as people and who we are as individuals. More than that, they way we think is to one degree or another a by-product of the environment in which we exist. Had I been born in Germany or Spain or Italy would the way I think be drastically different to the way I think now, if my place of birth and first language were the only things different?


Cara’s video:


Kelly-Anne Maddox’s channel:


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