Growth in Praxis [CR72]

It is a credit to Pagans and Heathens that we seem to always be learning, gaining skills and using our minds and bodies. There’s certainly never a dull moment amongst groups of Pagans and Heathens when almost everyone around or indeed everyone around is in the process of learning something. I would hesitate to say that it something done addictively or out of boredom or out a lack of knowing what else to do (like a dog chasing a car), though I am at a loss for what I would say. Regardless, that urge comes from somewhere and there are really only two places that it can come from: yourself or your praxis. Obviously there are some things within your praxis, like deities, which can dictate what you are learning at any given time. This question goes beyond that to the basic urge to learn and how that is expressed or reflected in praxis. The interconnectedness that Pagans and Heathens, as individual people, express by way of their practices and Praxis means that not much can really be considered as separate to everything.


It is feasible that because of this, the growth of praxis is automatically is self-fuelled event. Take for example, my own study of the Elder Futhark Runes. Part of that study has meant that I’ve become aware of at least three cultures that have used runes and one of was Iceland, which generated enough interest in my mind to find out more about magical practices in Iceland, which in turn led me to begin dabbling in Icelandic Sorcery. In light of this there is a thought process that says Icelandic Sorcery is the next area that my Praxis should/needs to/will encompass. In this respect what you already know and practice as part of your Praxis determines, to one degree or another, what the ‘next thing’ will be. However there is also the human element, basically if you aren’t interested in it you’re not going to look at it too much. A side thought to this is whether this quality of praxes qualifies them for the same kind of awareness that Tarot or runes are imbued with, not quite conscious but not entirely without awareness.


What is definitely self aware within praxis is the deific part of it; gods and goddess and similar. Though there are degrees of involvement experienced by Pagans and Heathens when it comes to the divine aspect of their Praxis, its more or less a given that deity has some kind of involvement. Given the interconnectivity within praxes, does this set any degree of precedent for deity determining the manner in which your Praxis will grow?


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