Kinaesthetic Practice [CR81]

Something most people in Australia come across is the question of ‘what kind of learner are you’. It is part of an education theory that says every person has an ideal method by which they can learn. There are various types of learners but the three major types are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Although I don’t personally know how much science there is behind it, this is something which I feel can and does play a large part in affecting the manner in which a Pagan or Heathen goes about their Praxis. A person who is a strong visual learner for example may use much more visualisation than an auditory learner. I myself was classified at various times as a kinaesthetic learner, which is just a fancy way of saying that I like to be doing something with my hands when I’m learning. Though these kinds of theories are far from the be all and end all in their own fields, much less when carried over to something unrelated like Paganism and Heathenry I do feel that there is merit to being aware and an having understanding of where you fall.

It would be inadvisable in the extreme to base anything of something that is only a theory, a theory in a high amorphous field, however these are the kinds of things that aid in the kind of self-awareness that a Pagan and Heathen needs. Knowing that you are ostensibly better at visualised learning can serve as a guide for determining which skills or practices will be more readily incorporated into your Praxis, and which ones will be much tougher. To return to myself as an example, meditation is something that I have a lot of trouble with however I do find that I have more success with those skills that require me to do be doing something – making something, playing a drum, physical activity of any kind. Similarly, although only a theory, the idea that people have certain predilections with regards to heir learning processes lends itself to the idea of being called to a particular skill within the Pagan and Heathen sphere. Moreover, it adds to the discussion of things such as seeing auras or being a medium or channelling and other such things.

With such phenomenon there is always the question of whether it can be learned or if is it something that is innate to the person. There are certainly arguments for both sides of the discussion; there is also a certain amount of hair splitting in terms of some things being learnable and others not being so. However, it would be interesting to be able to appropriate a scientific approach to the matter in the theme of a psychological experiment. Gather people who exhibit certain talents, whatever those might be. Then apply the education theory that says people can be distinguished according to what particular learning style best fits them. Even at that stage correlations could be drawn.


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