Praxis on the Farm [CR76]

Going back to the rural or farming community setting is something that makes a lot of sense for Pagans and Heathens. In a broad sense, that is the origin of Paganism and Heathenry – both linguistically and conceptually. Though the city has become an irrefutable fact of the environment, being on the edge of the precipice between what we think of as humanity and the wilderness is something that affords us the best chance to experience Paganism and Heathenry in a different way. Short of discovering some way to actually travel back in time to those times and places, living your Praxis in that kind of environment is the closest we can come to experiencing personally and first hand what Paganism and Heathenry came from. Though there are differences between, for example, a rural or farming setting in Iceland and a similar setting in Australia, there are many things that are true no matter what part of the world you are in. One such example of this is that the locals have their own sources of food, chickens at home, a vegetable garden etc. Another such example is that no matter what farm you go to there will inevitably be farm animals of a fairly regular variety.


Of the many benefits that there are to this, two stand out more than the rest – one practical and one spiritual or mental. The practical benefit is that many things are quite literally at your feet that can be used for a variety of practices within your Praxis. The sheer proximity to a more or less unrestricted natural environment means that many things that can be used will be far more readily available than they would be if you lived in a city or suburbia. There are draw backs to this, for example if part of your Praxis requires something particularly specific then its likely going to be more of a hassle to get it than it would be in an urban environment. The mental or spiritual benefit is being in a position to directly observe the natural processes of the rural world happening around you, being able to be a part of those processes and even being able to have first hand experience with various things not usually experienced beyond the rural or farming areas – slaughtering animals for example.


Obviously, this is not something that every single Pagan and Heathen is going to be comfortable or even interested in doing. There are, definitively, Pagans and Heathens whose only connection this kind of environment is the spiritual or magical practices that were generated by it. Other Pagans and Heathens that this is also of no interest are based in parts of the past where farms and such were less important and also had less focus on the natural world. Still others really only have a tenuous connection to the origins of Paganism and Heathenry. Nevertheless, there is something to be gained from not just looking back but ‘living’ back, at least in as much as is possible.


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