Seeing Things [CR73]

As the title suggests, this article’s conception came from my seeing things. Not in a ‘I’ve prepared the cheeses’ man with a table standing around in a suit at odd intervals kind of seeing things (obscure Buffy reference). Rather, the things I see come to me unbidden and never really with much contextual relevance. I’m not even sure I remember when the first time it happened was because seeing things is just something that I’ve always done or had, whichever is the most appropriate. To this day I really don’t know what any of the things I have seen mean, though given their typical grounding in a Pagan and or Heathen context there may come a day when I find someone who can shed more light on things. To the best of my memory there are three major things that I remember seeing: seeing myself in the third person where I am madly dancing, sometimes around a fire, and my head has been totally replaced with that of a stag; watching a person that is both me and a stranger at the same time building a chest out of wood and metal and; most recently, watching someone opening my rune-bag and observing something issuing out of the bag.


The situations I have been in each time this has happened have been more or less totally different and or unrelated which, coupled with my lack of sufficient understanding of these kinds of things has really stayed my hand in trying to research more into this kind of phenomenon. Naturally I don’t feel that I am loosing my mind, but I would also be highly doubtful that would be a problem. There is zero history of mental disorders or similar in my family, with a single exception in my father’s mother, I have not drunk copiously or regularly nor used any kind of other mind-altering substance. I’ve also never been to see any kind of ‘mind doctor’ in the past so I can also claim the sound judgement of my parents as evidence why I doubt I’m loosing my mind. More esoterically, the things that I see feel more lucid than a dream and somehow make more sense than delusion.


A likely reason for the increasing regularity of the ‘visions’ is the amount of meditation that I have been doing lately. With few distractions because of the context it’s been far easier to develop a degree of discipline about it.


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