Unsettled Life [CR77]

When considering the majority of Pagans and Heathens that are in the limelight as it were, there is something that really stands out in terms of the life they are living. Basically, they are static in terms of where they live. They have a house or a home that they spend lots of their time, a location where they practice solo or in a group, their life is more or less tied and knotted to a single location. That person might travel to other places, or have long holidays away from that location but their life doesn’t shift from place to place every time they leave their house. From a pragmatic standpoint this makes certain parts of praxis easier to do, if you have an altar, if you work closely with a group, if you rely on certain plants or energetic connections etc. However are there also some unseen side effects to not having that permanence or static lifestyle. When you move around semi-regularly without ever really having a place to call Home, can you maintain any kind of connection to your surroundings, travelling from certain parts of the world to others change the seasons and whether you can see certain astrological phenomenon; can deity find you if you are regularly changing geographic location for example.


While there is a separate discussion to be had with regards to whether a god or goddess is, by their very nature as a deity, possessing of certain attributes like omniscience it is certainly apropos of the relationship Pagans and Heathens have with deity to think that your geographical location plays at least some part in your deific connections. It is probable that this most significantly affects Pagans and Heathens without a pre-existing connection to deity and this least significantly affects Pagans and Heathens with a pre-existing connection to deity. The most apt reason why is fairly obvious, a person with connection to deity doesn’t have a ‘void’ to fill within their praxis, whereas a person sans connection to deity does have that ‘void’. Which is not to say that someone who has a connection to deity that is several years old or even older wont pick up on this, just that it is less significant for them. Metaphorically it is akin to the difference between floating at sea on a piece of driftwood, exposed to everything, and sailing at sea in a boat of any description, which affords you a measure of separation between yourself and everything.


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