Trees in the Train Station

Having just had the first anniversary of Trees in the Train Station, it seems only appropriate to go into its name and why that was what I ended up using.

Though I wasn’t aware enough when I first came up with the name to know the complexity that it would come to encompass, I did always intend ‘trees in the train station’ to be metaphorical, although it was in fact born from a very real train station.

At the time, the image or idea of trees in a train station struck me as being symbolic of Paganism in the modern world and that is something that holds true still, though I’ve come to say Paganism and Heathenry rather than simply Paganism. The symbol of trees is complex, to say the least, but has some fairly obvious implications and is one of the more obvious Pagan and Heathen symbols. The train station on the other hand is broadly speaking a symbol of transition and travel and change etc. Though it really isn’t associated with anything (in the same way trees are with Paganism and heathenry), but is a technological development that has really been part of the world since the Industrial Revolution, which, sort of unofficially marks the start of the Modern Era. Since I first saw that train station however the idea has grown and become something more than just the obvious symbolism of trees within a train station.

The idea of it being trees, rather than just a single tree, has come to really represent for me not just the term ‘Pagan and Heathen’ but also the myriad parts of those two terms. The Trees are Ásatru, Wicca, Witchcraft, Thelema, Ceremonial, Shamanism – all the varieties, Chaos Magic, and every kind of Paganism and Heathenry possible. After that, if every tree intended in the ‘Trees’ is a path within Paganism and Heathenry then the leaves on all of those trees are those who have that path as part of their Praxis. The static location of the train station then comes to represent our position within the world; we know there are more stations up and down the track and people filled trains come and go, so even top and get off at our train station. Even that in and of itself can be representative of religion and spirituality as a whole. Even

At the end of everything, there is not real limit to the symbol of Trees in the Train Station because like most things of this nature it will grow and change. Even as I wrote this I was able to think of new ways in which the metaphor can be viewed.


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