Moving Out of Home

Unlike the majority of my past lapses in article posting, the past three weeks were quite a deliberate absence. The past three weeks have been quite difficult and I can admit, painful too. I’ve embarked upon a new, paid, position teaching English and I have also after many years of trying, moved out of my parents house. These past three weeks have been spent packing my life further into boxes, into two suitcases and a backpack, farewelling friends and family and preparing for what is in no small way, the beginning of my new life. Three weeks ago I was writing in Costa Rica and today I am writing in Japan. Australia lies far behind me and will perhaps fall ever further behind me.

Practically speaking I have done no posts for the last three weeks because there has been no time to spare to write a post every day, particularly with a few trips to various friends that live quite a ways from my parents house. There was also, obviously, little other time to spare amidst packing and preparations. There was also an unexpected development at the beginning of my last week in Australia; I was asked to write for The Elemental Witch Facebook page. This last was an added pressure to my final preparations that did not make things easier but it has already afforded my the opportunity to see how my article writing on Paganism and Heathenry can improve further (this is purely a self reflective statement, The Elemental Witch and it’s readers have expressed a liking to my articles).

Once again however, these next few days are going to quite busy and because I am actually moving into a new house and setting up things for myself etc, I don’t really know how long (or short) it will be till I can write again.

Once more into the breach and I’ll be damned if I look before I jump.


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