A Moderate Interregnum

Gradually I am learning how to keep myself organized as well at home as I do at work however it is not an immediate process. Though I can admit that I have taken it upon myself to undertake several ventures all at once I’m more than stubborn enough to want to carry as many as possible through to the end. Consequently, between maintaining my commitments to Trees in the Train Station (including a much needed facelift for the site), my content creation for The Elemental Witch on Facebook, a Tumblr blog that I’m in the process of setting up (to be related to here), setting myself up for substantial language learning, gradually trying to write articles for groups like The Wild Hunt, wanting to move into YouTube (for this as well as other areas of interest), working full time and needing to enjoy the place in which I am living I have to concede that while I am in a position to do substantial reading of materials, I’m not yet practiced enough in getting content made in an efficient enough manner to actually use the sources I am coming across. This leaves me in the position of having to put a moratorium on my usual policy of minimizing the number of ‘I’ styled articles and instead focus on making or keeping them as relevant to the subject as possible. Moreover, at the very least I will write an article each week although I am planning on increasing this number once I have hammered out a more organized schedule for home.



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