Light a Candle, Watch it Dance.

One of the many reasons that I try and do so many things in my life is that there is always another way of seeing things, another perspective to be found that lets you see something you couldn’t see before. Paganism and Heathenry themselves are something of a microcosm of this effect, though religion in general is decidedly a macrocosm; imagine a great sphere that is so impossibly massive that you cannot even see the curve of its surface, then draw yourself out so that you can see the entirety of the sphere. That sphere is the Other that religion and spirituality connect us too and our various positions around the sphere, near far, high, low etc are what determine how much and what parts of the sphere we can see. Pretend that instead of individual people, there are stars that give off different coloured lights that illuminate only those areas the people within those stars can see. What you have now is a visualised conceptualisation of religion and spirituality in relation to one another. All looking at the same, impossibly massive sphere, all trying to understand it and all with only a limit view of its surface.


For me, life is much the same.

You don’t even realise that there are things you can’t see unless you move. Change your perspective.

The same applies for practices in a Praxis.


Writing starts again this week on The Elemental Witch Facebook page and this upcoming weeks topic is the subject of fire magic and ritual. As has been and certainly will continue to be the case with my writing with The Elemental Witch team, the subject is one that I haven’t considered in the past and considering it now gives me reason to consider Fire, as an element and as a part of practice. Many, if not all, of the other content creators have practices far in advance of my own in terms of both years/experience and technique/maturity. At least two of them utilise the Classical Western elements within their Praxes; Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and such they will likely be bringing much of their past forward with them when they are preparing their pieces. In contrast, the most I have in relation to fire, elementally or ritually speaking is in lighting a candle or two on my altar. However, it does make me consider something – namely, why do I not feel the need to include any of the elements, Classical Western or Classical Eastern, into my Praxis?


The reason I don’t is essentially two fold – there is more to it than simple 1:1 oppositions in my mind and  as far as aspects such as elements are concerned, my Praxis draws more from its Heathen side than its Pagan side. The Elder Futhark Runes have a great many elemental aspects intrinsic to them; runes associated with water and earth, with the primal ice and fire that the Æsir and Vanir created their worlds from – but there are also a great many other ‘elements’ in there as well – Fate, raw primal powers of the natural world, ephemeral human qualities like joy and the well ordered clan-family. On top of that, I often feel that the Water douses Fire burns Earth etc doesn’t allow for certain aspects – too ‘either or’ for my way of thinking.


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