Our Relationship with Time and Respect

Making my own way across a mountainside through a bamboo forest, seeing collected piles of bamboo that were cut but never collected, plastic flowers breaking apart in a gully that was once a river; coming home and reading about the Bakken. It was a moment where I was glad for the many degrees of separation between me and the subject, the context, on the page before me otherwise I fear any closer a connection would have stirred some kind of strong feeling in me. Rather, it made me consider the relationship contemporary mankind has with it’s technology, science and the world around us in a more profound manner.

Once upon a time, our relationship with Time was laced with an underlying sense of Respect. It took time, considerable time, and effort to achieve meaningful deeds and only slightly less to achieve ordinary deeds. This gave us cause to respect the world around us for the time it took for even the simplest of things to happen. The growing of crops, the fattening of cows. Understanding the World and Universe. It all took Time. We valued it, cherished it, but most of all we Respected it – not for any reason other than it was deserving of Respect. Now however, we have changed.

We’ve gotten used to things happening when We want them to happen, not when they are ready to happen. We’re accustomed to not having to think about the consequences of our actions because are we so clever at solving the problems that we create. Or rather, we were.

Truth be told, we became too clever for our own good and now when we need the good graces our Respect once garnered for us we’re finding out the hard way that we have long since fallen into debt.IMG_0242


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