Literally Behind Curtain #1

In the middle of writing a totally different article tonight, I experienced something for the second time in the last week or so which is honestly, starting to give me some pause for thought. To clarify and make perfectly clear my next statement, consider the following: I live on the fourth floor, there is next to nothing on my balcony and nothing at all hanging over it (tree branches and the like) and I have no washing out.

Something knocked on my balcony door. Again.

Naturally when it first happened about a week ago my first thought was that I had imagined it or that it was the wind or something like that. I even opened the door and stuck my head out to see if there was anything there. Now its happened again. I have nothing more than a glass door and a curtain between me and whatever it was/is. There are two sides to this. One, I’m totally thrilled that something might be standing on the other side of my balcony door.

On the other hand I can’t stop thinking about how that door is totally unlocked.


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