Repost: A Writer, Not a Worker

An elegant way of getting around the fly in the oinment of wanting to devote oneself to more worthwhile pursuits than office work, but still requiring a certain level of income in order to have even a basic ‘modern style’ subsistence living. Having the strength of your convictions in the art your make or the things you write probably helps too, something Rhyd will likely always have an abundnace of.


Copyright Will Worthington, from the DruidCraft Tarot Copyright Will Worthington, from the DruidCraft Tarot

There’s a story, possibly apocryphal, about the poet T.S. Eliot.

He was a bank clerk before becoming a renowned poet, and apparently insisted on being a bank teller.   His friends and people who’d read his poetry told him he was being ridiculous; he was a poet, he should write poetry, not work at a bank.

But he for some reason insisted–no.  He would work in a bank.  He even convinced himself he liked working in a bank, that it was important for him to ‘make his own way’ and write poetry on the side.

I get that sentiment, actually.  It’s not so much that one thinks ones art isn’t very good; rather, rugged male individualism and the absurd thought that you must first have yourself taken care of through your own means before you try to do something you really want is pretty…

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